Selecting the right security company

Means providing you with peace of mind, knowing that you have an effective security system that protects your property, home, business and most importantly—the people you love. At Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm Company, the safety of our clients is essential to us. With this in mind, we would like to share some security tips that we believe will help protect you from burglary. Simple security precautions that cost nothing but a few minutes could help deter potential criminals from breaking into your residence. 

Security Tips

Lock your doors and windows when you leave the house, even if it is for just for a jog around the neighborhood.

Keep valuable items hidden and away from windows. 

Remember to take your keys out of the lock.

Install outside lighting and/or motion-detecting lights.

Think of how you would burglarize your own house—are there any weaknesses you could exploit? 

If you lose your keys, immediately change your locks.

Most burglars prefer to rob when no one is home, so make it appear that your home is always occupied by using timers to switch radios or lights on when you are gone. 

Talk to your neighbors about alerting you if they notice any suspicious persons or cars hanging around. 

If you are going out of town, arrange for someone to pick up your mail and newspapers. 

Do not let repairmen into the house before they show credentials. 

Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s Approach to Security

Choosing a specialized security company to be your guardian angel is the key to a secure home and business. Carolina Burglar Alarm has been protecting both residential and commercial customers for over 35 years. We are the largest locally owned burglar and fire alarm company in the upstate, and we are here to ensure that your building receives maximum protection.

With our camera surveillance systems, you can view your home and business from anywhere in the world.

Our keypad- and card-based security access systems are monitored by us and add a further layer of protection.  

Store your personal assets in a protected storage unit. Our store units are located near Clemson University and are video-monitored 24/7.

We provide complete fire alarm systems with monitoring for all building sizes, from residences to large commercial facilities. 

Call us today at 800-359-3051 to see how you can better protect your home and business.