Home Automation

Home Automation

Home Automation​

Experience the essence of Home Automation​ with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s unified solution. Stay seamlessly connected to your home, empowered by real-time alerts and remote control – all within a single, intuitive mobile app.

Control – Your House, Your Rules.

Experience unparalleled Home Automation with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s precise control features. Imagine a world where your security system aligns perfectly with your needs, adapting to every situation.

Picture this: different settings for different scenarios. When the kids return home after school, your system adjusts effortlessly, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. And on weekends, a different setting orchestrates a seamless transition into your leisure days.

With Carolina’s precision control, your security system transforms into a dynamic partner, enhancing your life’s rhythm. Embrace the power to tailor your environment to match your family’s unique routines.

Our commitment to Home Automation means providing you with a solution that’s as individual as you are. Enjoy the luxury of control that’s finely tuned to your preferences, ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience in every moment. Welcome to a future where your security system dances to your tune.

Simplify - Triggers

Unleash the full potential of Home Automation with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s intuitive custom triggers. Imagine a world where your home doesn’t just respond – it anticipates, streamlining your daily routine.

Welcome to simplicity. With easy-to-use custom triggers, complexity bows down to convenience. Imagine merging multiple actions into one masterful command. Lights, locks, and thermostat harmonize, automatically adapting to your desires. It’s the symphony of technology choreographed by you.

Picture this: as you leave, a single trigger springs to life. Your security system arms, lights extinguish, and the front door locks. No need for a mental checklist; your home remembers for you.

Carolina’s commitment to Home Automation unveils a realm where your house becomes an active participant in your life. Embrace the liberation of custom triggers – your personal assistant in the realm of comfort, security, and energy efficiency. Step into a future where your home isn’t just a place you reside; it’s a dynamic extension of you.


Know- Instant Alerts

Experience the pinnacle of Home Automation with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s remote control capabilities. No matter where you are, your home is just a tap away.

Imagine a world where you receive real-time alerts, effortlessly keeping you connected to every corner of your abode. A simple notification informs you if the door is unlocked, a video alert captures motion in the hallway, or you’re notified when someone enters your home office while you’re away. The power to safeguard your space lies in your hands.

Customization is key. Alerts are tailored to your preferences. Control reigns supreme – you decide which devices send notifications, when they trigger, and even which days they’re active. Toggle alerts on and off at your convenience, seamlessly adapting to your schedule.

Carolina’s commitment to Home Automation extends beyond convenience; it’s about empowerment. Your home is no longer a static entity, but an extension of your awareness and control. Embrace the future where your home accompanies you, wherever life takes you.

Geo-Services - Location-Based Automation

Discover the epitome of Home Automation with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s Geo-Services. Imagine a home that adapts to your movements, anticipating your needs and respecting your privacy.

Picture this: as you step beyond your home’s geo-fence, it orchestrates a symphony of adjustments. Lights dim, security activates, and temperature shifts to conserve energy. The magic doesn’t end there. On your journey back, your abode readies itself for your return. Your thermostat sets the perfect temperature, and lights illuminate your path.

Geo-Services isn’t just about leaving and returning; it’s about preserving your privacy too. Engage privacy mode by having video monitoring pause when you’re home. Feel at ease knowing your personal space is just that – personal.

Carolina’s dedication to Home Automation culminates in Geo-Services. It’s a dance of convenience and consideration, where technology aligns with your rhythm. Unleash a world where your home is more than a shelter – it’s a partner in comfort, efficiency, and security. Welcome to the future you’ve always imagined

Energy Management

Experience the pinnacle of Home Automation with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s integration of Energy Management from Alarm.com. Gone are the days of ordinary thermostats – our solution redefines how you interact with your home’s energy.

Imagine a thermostat that transcends mere temperature control, seamlessly uniting with your home’s ecosystem. Energy Management is not just a feature; it’s an award-winning marvel. Delve into a realm where energy use becomes a symphony of efficiency.

This innovation isn’t confined to static settings. Energy Management learns your daily rhythms, adapting with intuitive brilliance. Your home anticipates your needs, creating an environment tailored to your preferences, automatically. The result: unrivaled comfort while saving money and conserving resources.

Carolina’s commitment to Home Automation reaches new heights with Energy Management. It’s more than an upgrade; it’s a lifestyle transformation. Embrace the intelligent synergy of connectivity, convenience, and conservation. Witness a future where technology aligns effortlessly with your aspirations.

Smart Thermostat

Elevate your home’s intelligence with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm’s advanced Home Automation​ solutions. Our innovation extends beyond security. Imagine a home where every detail aligns with your comfort and convenience.

With our smart thermostat service, your home’s climate optimization reaches new heights. Harnessing a blend of real-time sensor data, external weather insights, and your location, our mobile app orchestrates the perfect atmosphere. Walk into warmth on a chilly day, or cool tranquility during scorching heatwaves – all effortlessly managed from your fingertips.

Carolina’s commitment to Home Automation​ ensures a seamless integration of security and comfort. Say goodbye to toggling between apps. Our system grants you the power to oversee security cameras, lighting, and now, climate, all from one unified platform. The simplicity of one-touch control accompanies instant access to your entire domain.

Step into the future with Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm. Discover the realm where safety, convenience, and intelligence converge. Experience the home of tomorrow, today.

Smart Lighting

Our Light Controls offer additional security to your system. When an alarm is triggered, your lights will turn on, putting the bad guys in the spotlight and keeping you not just aware, but safer.

A comfortable house is a great thing to come home to. You can feel more secure knowing you’ll never have to come home to a dark house again.

Our Light Controls allow you to set a schedule for your lights to go on or off when you want them to. Come home to a well-lit house every day or even give the appearance of being home while on vacation.

The wireless lamp/appliance module allows you to control the power to any device plugged into it through our mobile app. Also, set schedules for lights to turn on and off automatically.