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Preventing Commercial Fires

Preventing Commercial Fires:-

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Here at Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm, we heartily agree. This advice—readily applicable to innumerable topics—should certainly be heeded in the case of fires. Below are some simple steps that you can take to mitigate the risk of a fire destroying your valuable property and business.


Surge Protectors, Electrical Cords, and Power Strips—how many devices are plugged into the strips? Too many devices plugged into one strip can cause a fire. Are any of the power cords fraying or damaged? If so, unplug and replace them without delay. 

Space around Heat-Producing Equipment—make sure that there is plenty of space around equipment that tends to get hot, such as hot plates, coffeemakers, microwaves, copy machines, and heaters. Ensure that flammable 

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Space Heaters—these are a fire hazard and especially should not be used in an office environment where they will be in close proximity with many power cords and may be left on over the weekend by forgetful employees; advise your employees to bring extra sweaters or a cozy blanket instead. If you must use them, have the last person out of the building each day check to ensure all heaters are turned off or unplugged.

Leaving While Microwave or Portable Burner is in Use—mandate that your employees remain next to any microwave, hot plate, or portable burner that is on. Small microwave fires can lead to burnt rooms or buildings.  

Candles—candles can produce a lovely atmosphere and scent, but the risk of a fire occurring from a forgotten, burning candle is too high. For mood lighting, get a few desk or floor lamps, and for a pleasant fragrance, add flowering plants or hang dried lavender. 

Say “Yes” to

Fire Alarm System—a reliable alarm system will alert you, your employees, and emergency personnel rapidly so that damage can be minimized. 

Increased Security Measuresarson is the largest cause of fires in office buildings. Install a dependable security system, lock your doors after business hours, and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the building or office.

Emergency Plan—create a contingency plan in the event of a fire. Inform your employees of all possible exits and conduct a fire drill at least once or twice per year. 

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