Features of Medical Alert Devices

Features of Medical Alert Devices:-

The two-way voice feature of the medical alert system allows your loved one to speak directly to the monitoring center through the base—either a waterproof wristband or a pendant. Our trained central dispatcher at Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm will gather necessary relevant information for the emergency and keep your loved one calm during the process as the appropriate responder—whether ambulance, police, fire department, or emergency personnel—is dispatching immediate assistance to the home. In some medical alert devices, the fall detection feature can signal for help automatically when your loved one falls down without requiring him or her to press the call button.

Water-Resistance and Waterproof: Over 1 in 3 seniors fall every year. The National Institute on Aging (NIA) says that 80% of these falls are in bathrooms.  Slippery bathrooms and tubs are more challenging for elderly people. Because bathrooms are considered a part of the home where privacy is valued, extra attention and monitoring is needed for the elderly. Manufacturers have come up with upgrades to make it possible for your loved ones to obtain help through sending a signal by a waterproof, sporty-looking wristband.

Comfortable and Lightweight: Medical alert systems are made to be worn in various ways—on the belt clip, on the wrist, or around the neck—in order to make it more comfortable and to encourage people to wear them consistently. Our medical alert devices are fashionable, sporty, easily concealable under clothing, and come in a variety of colors. 

Sense of Independence: Have you had a feeling that tells you that you are missing something after you have taken off your wedding ring or wristwatch during the day? Over time, pendants and wristbands of medical alert systems become a close friend of people who wear them. They can live their life in complete independence while knowing that there is someone out there in case of an emergency.

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