We all know that the process of packing up an entire home,

loading everything onto a truck, and moving to a new place can be a nightmare. In addition to the stress of packing and worrying about whether everything will arrive in one piece, we also have to consider whether we have enough room or whether we actually need two espresso machines. People move for many reasons: getting a roommate upgrade, moving in with a girlfriend or aging parents, starting a new job, going off to college, or getting divorced. 

Each specific circumstance often dictates which items to take and which items to leave behind. For example, students leaving campus for the summer, families moving to a smaller house, or wanderlusters striking off abroad all face the same issue of deciding where to temporarily store items they wish to keep but cannot bring with them.  

When a couple moves in together, each person often has an entire set of furniture, kitchen appliances, décor and collectibles. Merging these and determining which will take up permanent residence in the shared home isn’t usually easy. It may be better to start with a minimal amount of furniture and bring in pieces as necessary rather than overfilling the home from the beginning. A cluttered space causes stress and strains the relationship. Short-term storage can also be useful in situations where a newly married couple has a large number of gifts to open and place within the home.

Since furniture and personal belongings often have emotional value tied to them, it can be hard for people to let go. A local storage facility can provide the solution to these issues. Storage can provide a secure location for your items so that you can free up the space in your home. Rather than being forced to toss out things you will use, sell, or gift in the future, instead, your belongings will be safely placed in a storage unit where they will be easily reachable whenever you have need of them.

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