A basic door lock

is a very simple and unreliable type of access control system. When it comes to securing commercial buildings and controlling the access of employees and third parties, a more advanced security level is necessary. 

You can control the access to your office building by using a key card, push button keypad, or a combination of both. By choosing the right access control system, installation, and services in South Carolina or Georgia, you will significantly increase the safety of your business. Before hiring an access control systems company to design and install such a system, it is useful to learn how each system works and its specific features and details.  

By using access control systems, you will be able to assign a digital signature to each employee who works in your office. You can control access of people and also monitor stored access records of individuals entering or leaving your office. The digital signature of each individual will be programmed in a special key card or number that the authorized individual will verify himself every time he enters or leaves the office building.

Keypad lock: This type of keypad locks allows you to control and track traffic in and out of specific areas. You can purchase models that have the ability to provide an audit trail that can be stored and reviewed at a later time. For example, if you have an area of your office or building in which you need to allow access only to certain staff, you can give them specific PIN numbers to enter into that controlled area. You may program that access to be for particular days or certain times of the day. You will also be able to view and monitor detailed traffic records, or “audit trails’.’

Programmable Card Key Readers: Card key readers provide an extra level of security to your business. Only users with cards or a combination of card and PIN number can gain access to the controlled areas. There are various types of cards that come with different styles and colors; some include the user’s photograph to ensure that the holder of the card is the actual owner. Simply by swiping or inserting the card into a card reader, the authorized user can gain an access to the controlled area and such access can be recorded and monitored by the management whenever needed. 

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